15 Series Ellipse® Operators

Ellipse's unique case design complements the smooth contour styling of the Maxim family with the mounting and mechanical features of Truth's traditional style operators. A special lip around the operator's case accepts a gasket, which helps achieve higher water and air performance rating without caulking.
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Selection Guidelines
Ellipse Selection Guidelines
Dyad OperatorThis operator features a peak operating torque approximately 28% lower than Truth’s Traditional Single Arm Operators (depending on mounting location). Profile changes will not be necessary if you are currently using Truth's Traditional Single Arm Operators. Designed to work specifically with Truth's 14.05 Series Hinge, the Ellipse Dyad Operator arm is detachable from the stud bracket for easy sash removal.
Single Arm OperatorThis operator will provide a full 90 degrees of window opening and disconnects easily from the sash for cleaning.
Awning OperatorDesigned for narrow awning windows, the Ellipse Single Arm Awning Operator works with all of Truth's current Awning Hinges.
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